Here, the secret behind fitting a large kitchen, home theater, gym facilities, and cat-friendly areas into a 300-square-foot flat. ​

Small room ideas for tiny apartment
LAAB/Sootage Visual
APR 18, 2016

Check out the astounding video and photos below (you’ll never again think your space is too small).

Like many large cities, Hong Kong is a pricey place to live. Because of that, it’s no surprise residents looking for property in the expensive urban center of the 7 million-person city try to squeeze as much as they can into sometimes ridiculously small spaces.

When a couple found themselves in that exact situation, they hired Hong Kong-based architects LAAB to transform a tiny apartment into a space with a large kitchen, bathtub, home cinema, gym facilities, and cat-friendly features. The size: 309 square feet.

The magic is in what LAAB calls a “form follows time” philosophy, in which the apartment transforms based on the time of the day, and features are stowed away and brought out as required. Take the bathroom, for instance, which can be arranged with either a full bathtub, a bathing area with a separated sink area (so one person can bathe while another, say, brushes teeth), second tier seating for the home cinema, or a guest bedroom, according to LAAB.


In this micro-apartment, little doesn’t equate to low-tech. The space has a range of app-controlled smart home technologies such as mood lighting and a smart lock that allows residents and guests to come and go easily.

For the couple’s three cats, LAAB designed feline-friendly areas, including a cat walk around the ceiling, a litter box hidden beneath the bathroom sink, a cat ladder, cat food trays hidden in the kitchen cabinets, and a hidden den for cat naps.

If you currently live in Spruce Grove, then you probably already know that this is a great city to live in. For those who don’t know, the rankings for 2015 are in and Spruce Grove dominated as one of the best places to work, play, live, and raise a family. Here are just a few reasons why Spruce Grove is unquestionably one the best places to be, at any stage of life:

  1. 535 housing starts to the end of November has us top 3 in the capital region
  2. $164,000,000.00 in Institutional work planed and opening in 2015/2016. This will created over 350 new skilled jobs in Spruce Grove!
  3. College Instructors, RCMP, Teachers, Administrators, Doctors, nurses, and Medical Technicians 
  4. Ranked in 2015 as Top 10 city in Canada to raise children!
  5. Ranked Spruce Grove Top 10 in Canada to start and grow a business
  6. Ranked Spruce Grove East as top 100 neighbourhoods in a Canada
  7. Ranked top 3 in Canada 2015 for Accident injury reduction by the Insurance Bureau of Canada
  8.  Ranked number #1 out of 100 cities by AllState Insurance as the the safest city overall in Canada to drive in 


Here in Alberta, we have become accustomed to our wide open spaces. This may be why many of our buyers are initially a little shocked at the functionality of a 379 Sq ft Bachelor Unit.  Although it may take some getting used to, we’ve collected a list of why it’s worth making the change:

  1. It’s easier to clean.
  2. You’re less likely to overshop when space is a priority – so you save money.
  3. Small versions of furniture cost less. A lot less.
  4. It’s easier to focus on quality over quantity when everything’s on display.
  5. Your heating and cooling bills tend to be lower.
  6. A small art collection makes big impact.
  7. A single statement piece or splurge can make the whole room (which in some instances is the whole apartment).
  8. It’s harder to lose the remote, or anything else for that matter.
  9. You’re more likely to purge clutter when you can’t hide it away.
  10. You can afford to have niceties like candles and flowers in every room
  11. Less environmental impact. A smaller home requires less resources to build and less resources to maintain. And that benefits all of us.
  12. Wider market to sellBy its very definition, a smaller, more affordable house is affordable to a larger percentage of the population than a more expensive, less affordable one.

Of course not everything can perfect in your new functional space. Here are some of the challenges you may want to be prepared for:

  1. Organization Is a Must. You need to utilize every organizing idea for small spaces, otherwise your tiny home will look like a cluttered closet. You won’t want to spend time there.

2.You Can’t Have It All. It can be difficult to decide what possessions to take with you into this tiny space, especially if you have abundant or large family heirlooms.

  1. Entertaining Is a Challenge. Entertaining in a tiny home has limits. In warm months you can go outside, but winter can force you to limit your guest list.

If the micro condo isn’t for you, or you’re unable to give up your ever growing China collection, don’t worry. We still have the traditional one and two bedroom units available for you at The Nest.