Taking the Leap- Renter to a Property Owner

Hi everyone,

As the Sales Assistant for The Nest, one of my favourite things about my job is helping people realize that they are capable of having more than they have ever thought possible. One of our most recent buyers is the perfect example of this.

This individual was living in a house with three other roommates, paying $750.00 rent towards someone else’s mortgage. He contacted us looking for a space of his own, and to save some money on rent. Throughout our conversation he explained that he would love to own a place of his own, but just didn’t think that was possible. After speaking with our mortgage broker, with just over a $5000.00 deposit, this buyer ended up with a mortgage payment of $460.02/month and became a first time property owner.

Here is a word from our most recent buyer mentioned above:

“For the last seven years I have been a renter in our country’s rising economy. With the increases to living costs it has made life very difficult. My father has rented his whole life and I have seen first hand the toll it takes, moving almost seasonally as the price of rent went up and all the expenses that go with it. I then got to experience this on my own. Life has been very hard for me moving almost five times in one year, which was until I found the nest. Finally my life has been simplified with cost effective ownership. I am completely ecstatic I have been so fortunate to meet the people involved with the Nest. I look forward to moving into my own home this fall. Finally the perpetual quest to find housing is over for me and at a cheaper cost then rent, and it’s all thanks to the people at the Nest. Thank you.”

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to pay rent, but if you wish to own a property instead, why not explore that option?

Madison Bourgeois
Sales & Marketing Assistant