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We are very excited to announce that work has begun on the site! Stay tuned for upcoming news on our official ribbon cutting ceremony. For now, we welcome everyone to come by or contact us for more information with regards to these truly amazing suites. In addition, we have added a new section to our website called “Views From The Site”. This is where we will be posting updates and photographs of all the latest and greatest happenings.  

buying vs renting Buying vs. renting. It is the eternal question and dilemma that potential new buyers are faced with when thinking about entering the real estate game. You may be thinking, “Isn’t it cheaper to rent?” or “If I buy, is it a good investment for the future?” There may not be one single right answer and that is precisely the thinking behind our new development in Spruce Grove. The Nest was designed with new buyers, investors and those looking to downsize in mind. Imagine yourself in a beautiful space, with contemporary fixtures and the latest in innovative design. It is a space that you can call your own, fall in love with and decorate any way you want. Just let your imagination soar. All of this at a very affordable price, which will offer you a chance to put money aside and to be able to enjoy everything the Spruce Grove community has to offer. This means that you can own your own home for the same monthly payments as it would cost to rent. It’s like being able to have your cake and eat it too. The Nest is truly the best of both worlds. To read more about buying vs renting click here.    

We have discussed this in the past but we feel, it is worth mentioning again since people are inquiring about our smaller sized condo offerings. There are currently many innovative space saving furniture makers in the marketplace. Perhaps your large sectional sofa will not fit in a 400 square foot apartment, but a Murphy bed that doubles as a workspace and has its own storage might just be the ideal piece of furniture for your new place. We believe, that by choosing a small space, you do not have to sacrifice comfort or style. In a city like Spruce Grove, where there is a multitude of outdoor activities that can be done all year round, why sit inside a huge home? To read more about space saving, multi-use furniture click here.

We have had our eye on Spruce Grove for quite some time now. Not only is it situated in one of Canada’s fastest growing provinces, but it is also a great place to live. With miles of pristine park lands and its close proximity to Edmonton, otherwise known as Canada’s “Festival City”, who wouldn’t want to make it their home? As Alberta prepares itself to lead Canada through its next wave of construction, it has become apparent that many others share our views. For more information about BuildForce’s projected 2014-2023 forecast for Alberta’s construction boom read here.

Best Oil Rich Provinces

A recent report from the Conference Board states that Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland (Canada’s three oil producing provinces) are world class in terms of economic performance. Canada ranks number 5 out of the world’s 16 richest countries, behind Australia, Ireland, the United States and Norway.

In fact:
Alberta is “class leader,” says the report with 2013 per capita income that was $10,000 higher than Norway, the top-ranked country in that indicator.

Read more of the article here.

How to make the most out of a small space.

In recent years, more and more micro-condos have been appearing in the marketplace. The question for most home buyers is, “how do I make this work?” While we agree that 350 square feet, or even as low as 200 sqft, is not a large space, we found that with innovative design these condos can be an excellent option for those wanting to downsize or for first time buyers.

With more and more of the population choosing small spaces, designers have stepped up to the challenge by producing space saving furniture, making these apartments a cozy and inviting place  live.

The following article, Canada’s condo developers squeezing more function out of tiny spaces, is a great read for those wanting to learn more about small space living.

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Are you searching for beautiful design? Are you searching for an unparalleled location? Are you searching for a very affordable home of your own? Look no further because The Nest is for you.

Rostrum Developments believes in building communities which combine quality construction, the latest technologies and spectacular surroundings through the application of in-depth industry knowledge. Your vision will become reality thanks to a time-tested and proven development process which incorporates the industry’s best practices. We will not accept anything less than perfection for our clients.

Understanding that all projects live inside communities, Rostrum Developments takes the time to get to know and appreciate local values. Our projects are driven by a strong commitment to making long lasting contributions to the neighbourhoods we have been chosen to work with. Rostrum Developments believes in no-nonsense results, improving the lives of our clients and making friends in the community. Continue Reading..

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